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The Better-For-You Popped Snack

rectangular graphic resembling hills displaying on the right the four products for Better Than Popcorn


Made from sorghum, BETTER THAN POPCORN is an all-natural ancient grain that transforms into a deliciously crunchy popped snack! Unlike corn, sorghum is hull free, so it pops smaller, fluffier, and with more absorbable nutrition than regular popcorn. And let’s not forget that sorghum is a sustainable, non-GMO, USA-grown crop that uses little water and emits little CO2. It’s as good for our planet as it is for you!

Rectangular banner highlighting the five benefits of Better than Popcorn. Gluten free, gut healthy, corn free, earth friendly, vegan
One bag of Better Than Popcorn Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

Lightly salted for a delicate but delicious taste! Made with 3 simple ingredients: whole grain sorghum, olive oil, and Himalayan pink salt.

Blue bag of Better Than Popcorn, Aged White Cheese

Aged White Cheddar

One of our most popular flavors! ­­Dusted with a distinctive blend of white cheddar that’s aged to perfection.

Front of image for bag of Better Than Popcorn Classic Butter

Classic Butter

An All-American favorite! Simple yet scrumptious and drizzled with just the right amount of real butter.

Image of a bag of Better Than Popcorn Sweet and Salty Kettle

Sweet Salty Kettle

The perfect combination of salty and sweet that takes you back to the carnival! Lightly salted and sweetened with brown cane sugar.