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What we are made of

Rectangular banner with the title Gourmet Nut A bowl of Power Up trail mix surrounded by jars containing high-quality ingredients


Gourmet Nut® started in 2009 as a small online site with the purpose of creating healthier snacks. As foodies around the world came to trust and love our quality products at reasonable prices, we’ve grown to where we are today: a collection of brands with a wide variety of products. We always strive to stay true to our overarching mission: never compromise when it comes to providing food and ingredients with utmost quality.


All ingredients are sourced from the highest quality farms and go through a rigorous approval process in order for us to stand behind them and add our Gourmet Nut stamp of approval. Our mission is to be uncompromising when it comes to getting the freshest, most premium ingredients.

Our Facility

In 2019 we opened our new world class production facility in the New York Metro area to meet the growing demand for Power Up. Designed specifically to produce Power Up trail mix blends, the 3X increase in capacity allows us to continue providing the freshest trail mixes with made-to-order efficiency and still use small batch blending. We believe the safe, modern capabilities of Power Up’s new home make it the finest trail mix production facility in the world!


Our team originally started with just 1 person: our founder Morris who worked from his parents' basement! Over time, we have grown to having a state-of-the-art facility with 100+ employees! Our corporate team is small but mighty with 15 employees and we look forward to expanding even more down the road!