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Where Fresh Meets Modern

A bag of Salad Topper Awesome Asian next to fruits and vegetables


Adventurous, modern flavors can take any dish from good to truly extraordinary. With Modern Mill, you can easily add that special touch and take your meal to the next level. Made for more than just salads, these toppers offer the perfect complement to a variety of foods. So go ahead and elevate your meals with culinary creations that capture the imagination and delight your appetite. Create Confidently®!

Circular logo for Modern Mill with the statement Add a Little Crunch
Front image of Salad Topper Farm Fresh with a few ingredients in the air

Farm Fresh Salad Topper

Premium, wholesome ingredients that give you a punch of crunch and flavor! Pairs perfectly with ranch dressing.

A bag of Salad Topper Protein Packed with a few ingredients floating outside the bag

Protein Packed Salad Topper

Specially selected ingredients that give you the extra protein boost you need! Pairs perfectly with oil and vinegar dressing.

A bag of Salad Topper Summer Symphony with ingredients around the bag

Summer Symphony Salad Topper

A light and delicious mix that takes on the flavor of summer! Pairs perfectly with balsamic dressing.