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Two friends enjoying a snack of Power Up trail mix at a sunny picnic table at the beach

Welcome: Our Story

Hi there, and welcome to our blog!

Gourmet Nut started in Brooklyn in 2009 with the idea that quality food should be easily accessible to all. As foodies around the world came to trust and love our products at reasonable prices, we've grown to where we are today: a collection of brands with a wide variety of premium foods. Throughout all, we stay true to our overarching mission - never compromise when it comes to providing food and ingredients with utmost quality.

Power Up, our line of premium trail mix, launched a few years later. Our founder, Morris, is an avid runner and was looking for something quick and natural to fuel his runs. There were so many energy bars and shakes out there loaded with hard to pronounce, unnatural ingredients. He figured nuts and fruit were the easiest, most natural things to consume, which led him to the conclusion that trail mix was the answer to fueling his workouts. That is where he was left disappointed - all the trail mixes he found were loaded with salt, high-sugar candy, and stale nuts! Quite literally, the opposite of what he had been envisioning!

At this point, Gourmet Nut was already established and Morris knew the ins and outs of the food industry, so he decided to take the issue into his own hands and create his own line of trail mix under the Gourmet Nut umbrella to solve the dilemma of not-so-good trail mixes out there. And thus, Power Up Premium Trail Mix was born!

Power Up’s mission is to be uncomplicated and uncompromising. Uncomplicated in the fact that we source simple ingredients. The ingredients listed on the front of the bag are the same ingredients listed on the ingredients panel on the back - no hidden or unnatural chemicals or preservatives. The window on the front shows you exactly what you’re getting - no zoomed in, photoshopped, ‘pretty’ picture of a perfect food that doesn’t look anything like what’s inside the bag. Power Up is uncompromising in the fact that we only source the best of the best ingredients. Typically, trail mixes that you’re used to seeing are made by throwing the scraps and leftovers into a bag, so what you’re getting is a bag full of stale rejects. We source our ingredients from farms specifically to be used in Power Up and we will never compromise on quality or standard. We only assemble bags once a store has placed an order, so there’s no sitting on a shelf for years (yes, years!) before leaving our facility.

With Power Up and our other Gourmet Nut products, you can be certain that you’re getting a premium, fresh product with good-for-you ingredients that you can enjoy any time of day, whether you’ve just finished a workout, are rushing your kids to soccer practice, or need something to power you up from your 2pm slump at work.

The purpose of this blog will be to have an open, transparent space where we will share more about our products and our company and feature healthy, relatable information and recipes for your on-the-go life!

For those who have been around since the beginning, we thank you for your support as the Gourmet Nut and Power Up brands have grown and for those who are new, welcome! We look forward to having you as part of our family!

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